What is node federation

In distributed environment there is one deployment manager and it is used to manage application servers on multiple machines. The way it works is you create a node agent on each of these machines and then the deployment manager makes use of this node agent to manage servers on different machines. It makes use of node agent for making configuration changes, installing file as well as getting PMI data.

The federation process is used for creating node agent on a machine. There are multiple ways in which you can create node agent

  • Using the addNode command

  • You can federate custom profile as part of profile creation wizard

Irrespecitive of how you federate the node, WAS will first create a node agent on target machine and then start it.

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iamcreative said...


Can I Integrate oracle identity federation with websphere?

where OAM as IDP and websphere as SP.

how websphere will request/response using SAML tkoen?

any information whould be appreciated ?