Federating custom profile

If you checked "Federate this node later" checkbox while creating the custom profile then you can federate the node to Deploymenet manager by following these steps

  • Start the deployment manager

  • In order to federate the node you will need to know the hostname of the DMGR machine and the the SOAP port on which DMGR is listening. You can find that information using WAS Admin Console

  • In the WAS Admin Console go to System Administrator - Nodes - DMGRNode. On the configuration page the value of Host name is the host name for DMGR

  • In the WAS Admin Console go to System Administrator - Deployment Manager. On this page expand Ports section, the value of SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS, is the SOAP port for deployment manager

  • Once you have this information go to custom_profile_root/bin directory and execute addNode <dmgrhost> <dmgr_soap_port>, it will take few minutes to federate node and show output something like this

  • Once the federation is completed, you can check newly federated it in WAS Admin Console of DMGR. If your already logged into WAS Admin Console, log out and log back in. Now go to System Administrator - Nodes, you should see newly federated node.

If you want you can also federate custom node as part of profile creation wizard by entering values on Federation dialog box like this.

In case of error in federating check custom_profile_root/logs/addNode.log file for details

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