Federating application server profile - through was admin console

If you already have a standalone server installed on machine you can federate it to the Deployment manager using either the addNode command and the process is very much similar to federating custom profile, with difference that the Application server that your trying to federate must be started and you have option to federate existing applications and buses to the deployment manager.

There is one more option for federating Application Servers profile, which is to use the Deployment Manager WAS Admin Console. Please follow these steps to federate Application Server.

  • Start the standalone Application Server that you want to federate and note its SOAP port number

  • Start the Deployment Manager, if its not already started and go to its WAS Admin Console

  • Inside the WAS Admin Console go to System Administration - Nodes. Click on Add Node button

  • On the next page it will ask you if you want to add a Managed Node or Unmanaged node, choose Managed node other option is mostly for adding Web Server

  • On the next page you will have to provide all the details on the Node that you want to federate, things like its host name, SOAP port number, Admin login information,...

  • On the next page it will give you an option to create windows service on the target machine for the node agent

  • Once all the information is entered, it will start the actual node creation process, you can see the log on that page

Once the node creation is done you can verify it from the WAS Admin Console on DMGR

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