What addNode does

The addNode command adds a new node to an existing administrative cell.
The actions the command performs are:

  1. Connects to the deployment manager process. This is necessary for the file transfers performed to and from the deployment manager in order to add the node to the cell.

  2. Attempts to stop all running application servers on the node.

  3. Backs up the current stand-alone node configuration to the

  4. <profile_home>/config/backup/base/ directory

  5. Copies the stand-alone node configuration to a new cell structure that
    matches the deployment manager structure at the cell level.

  6. Creates a new local config directory and definition (server.xml) for the node

  7. Creates entries (directories and files) in the master repository for the new
    node’s managed servers, node agent, and application servers.

  8. Uses the FileTransfer service to copy files from the new node to the master

  9. Uploads applications to the cell only if the -includeapps option is specified

  10. Performs the first file synchronization for the new node. This pulls everything
    down from the cell to the new node.

  11. Fixes the node’s setupCmdLine and wsadmin scripts to reflect the new cell
    environment settings.

  12. Launches the node agent.

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