wsadmin script for creating cluster and adding cluster members

You can use this Jython script to create cluster and add members to it

AdminTask.createCluster('[-clusterConfig [-clusterName samplecluster] -replicationDomain [-createDomain true]]')

AdminTask.createClusterMember('[-clusterName samplecluster -memberConfig [-memberNode dmgrNode01 -memberName SampleMember1 -memberWeight 2 -replicatorEntry true] -firstMember [-templateName "Sample Template" -nodeGroup DefaultNodeGroup -coreGroup DefaultCoreGroup]]')

AdminTask.createClusterMember('[-clusterName samplecluster -memberConfig [-memberNode sunpatilNode02 -memberName SampleMember2 -memberWeight 2 -replicatorEntry true]]')

This script creates samplecluster by calling AdminTask.createCluster command and then creates SampleMember1 as cluster member using AdminTask.createClusterMember call. The AdminTask.createClusterMember is made for adding additional cluster members


Hameed said...

how do I use it inside the scrirpt where I pass the cluster name , nodename and servername as values , when I do that I'm getting a syntax error

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, you would call -f .txt ...-f passing the file with the create cluster command..